I had never seen my best friend so happy - he had just proposed to the love of his life.
She was a French student, who had been studying in a local town of France and visiting Sydney for the first time.
When she left to go back to France to finish her final year, my friend told me all about their plans to start a café together, buy her a home, and eventually start a family for when she came back in 6 months.
And then the pandemic hit...My best friend did everything to get to France, but was rejected time and time again.
What followed the next year was quite sad. I saw my friend go from hopeful to feeling hopeless. I had never seen him so disconnected, empty and was in a world of hurt and frustration.
It wasn't just my best friend, it was millions of people and families across Australia that were struggling...
...unable to see their family.
We saw couples falling apart, wedding plans shattered, and so much heartbreak.
I felt the pain.
I felt the need to reinforce love and connection during the time where people need it most. And this is why my partner Michael and I started Ellie Grace,  a small granny flat which we rented from in the small town of Terrigal, Central Coast where we started selling hand made jewellery. 
We believed that jewellery should provide a meaningful message to the person you are gifting it to.
It should show them how much they mean to you and how much you care for them by attaching a simple yet beautiful message that they can truly feel. 
Our hope is that our gifts help you connect with your loved ones in a time that has created distance between too many people.
Check out our collections now to pick up a meaningful gift to a person that means so much to you.